How does IoT technology help the road collapse problem


How does IoT technology help the road collapse problem?

Waterway monitoring

In the pavement design process, a reasonable layout will be used, and in this layout, the Internet of Things technology can effectively track and feedback data in all aspects in real time.

As the saying goes, three feet of freezing is not a day's cold, and the road's collapse does not take a day to form. How to quickly understand the situation when there is a problem in the geology so that you can quickly understand and control the problem?

IoT technology may become the best solution to this problem. It is understood that Suzhou has a lot of water, and the loss of soil and other ground caused by water is more common, especially near rivers and canals.

If various types of sensing equipment are reasonably arranged, it will be possible to effectively understand the erosion of each part of the article.

So, how should IoT sensors be laid out?

1.Waterway monitoring

The velocity of water will constantly scour the surrounding roads, such as grasping the velocity of water and debris in the water, and can understand the impact of water on the surroundings in time;

2. Embankment monitoring

After installing sensors for the objects around the river embankment, it can timely and effectively understand whether each part is loose, etc. Once it is loose, a rapid alarm can be realized;

3.Video surveillance

Although road collapse is a problem caused by internal structure, video surveillance can evaluate the collapsed section in a timely and effective manner afterwards, so as to provide a good assessment for post-repair.

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