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MaMoS from madur is a compact, highly accurate, multi-functional alternative to CEMS, which can replace the traditional larger and more complex CEMS. Although maMoS matches the performance level of CEMS, the price is much lower.

This excellent analyzer is modular and has a large number of accessories, enabling operators to adjust the instrument to meet their specific standards for their personal applications.

Powerful PC software enables users to adjust the analysis program to operate according to their specific needs (work plan, simulated output behavior, data representation, etc.). The standard configuration consists of up to six sensors (NDIR and/or electrochemical) and up to eight unique configurations.

The instrument can be set to split and double split configurations. It is characterized by data recorder and SD card collecting results and analog output (current and voltage) to control external equipment.

Through maMoS, it can communicate with PC through different interfaces (USB, LAN, RS485 and MODBUS). There are different modes of work to choose from (continuous measurements, scheduler work, measurements triggered by digital input,'rotational work'- performing measurements from two different sources, and more).

Operators can take samples through various heating hoses. The standard lengths of 115VAC and 230VAC power supply are 3m, 5M and 8m. Other hoses can be specified according to requirements. The analyzer is also compatible with various programmable logic controllers (such as Siemens S7-1200) via MODBUS RTU.

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CBxi series will be a part of CB series of BACnet < field controllers launched by Cylon last year. Its characteristics are that CBXi-8r8 and CBXi-8r8-h main factory controllers communicate on BACnet < IP LAN. The powerful new controller is fully programmable using Cylon's programming software CXproHD, and can be scaled from 16 to 96 using Cylon's Field Level Extension (FLX) module. Cylon CB series field controllers and extension modules are characterized by its patented UniPut () technology, which allows system integrators to program UniPut () points to present personality characteristics of any point type, thus creating flexibility and cost efficiency in the deployment of energy management systems. The CBxi series also supports BACnet < MS/TP routing and localized integration of TCP and Modbus < RTU without additional hardware or gateways.

LOYTEC Electronics is proud to announce that its LDALI-BM2 button coupler and LDALI-MS2 multisensor have successfully passed the DALI-2 certification process. LOYTEC is one of the first companies in the world and the first European supplier to successfully implement DALI2 input equipment recently available DALI2 certification. DALI-2 certification is operated by the Digital Lighting Interface Alliance (DiiA), an open alliance of lighting companies designed to promote the global adoption of Dali technology for digital lighting control systems. Only certified products can use the Dali-2 logo. Compared with the existing DALI (Version 1) systems on the market, DALI-2 authentication offers the hope of significantly improving interoperability and additional functions.

Sectigo's expanded Internet of Things security platform will provide equipment manufacturers, system integrators, use the ability to connect Internet of Things enterprises, interoperate with the entire ecosystem, and use the dedicated Internet of Things to distribute from a trusted third party CA. The platform will strive to enhance equipment security and embedded tools to protect data integrity in traffic and rest, and to ensure the integrity of all execution codes by using multi-stage security boot.

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IHS Markit predicts that the Internet of Things market will grow from an installation base of about 15 billion devices in 2015 to more than 75 billion devices in 2025. With the growth of the market and the increasing number of attacks, it is more urgent to protect the connecting devices in the whole ecosystem. SonicWall found in its 2009 Cyber Threat Report that in 2018, the number of detected attacks on Internet of Things devices and networks rose to 32.7 million, an increase of 217%.

Sectigo provides scalable certification for networking devices used in many vertical domains. Sectigo Internet of Things Manager is part of the company's expanded Internet of Things security platform. It provides a dedicated management capability for trust interoperability, enabling Internet of Things equipment providers, service integrators or alliances to safely build, expand and manage their equipment ecosystems. This technology ensures safe supply and life cycle management through open source and proprietary technology using automation.

By acquiring Icon Labs, Sectigo is a third-party certification authority that provides end-to-end security for every connected device from manufacturing to the entire life cycle.

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