5G + AIoT in the future of Internet appliances


5G + AIoT in the future of Internet appliances


Since the development of the Internet of Things, two technologies have promoted its development, one is AI, and the other is 5G, which is gradually starting to be commercialized. The former has evolved the Internet of Things (IoT) to the Internet of Things (AIoT). "AIoT" means "AI + IoT", which refers to the integration of artificial intelligence technology and the Internet of Things in practical applications. With the rise of AI, more and more giants combine AI and IoT to develop new platforms and products. The latter provides a network foundation for the intelligent networking to further penetrate into complex scenarios such as home furnishing, industry, and urban construction, making the interconnection of all things, and even the intelligent connection of all things possible.

What is the relationship between 5G and AI and IoT?

IoT evolution AIoT is the application of artificial intelligence technology to the Internet of Things, expanding from a single connection capability to complex application capabilities, which is similar to the leap from functional machines in the era of the mobile Internet to smart machines. 5G connects AI and IoT to become a reliable channel with high bandwidth, large connection and low latency. Through 5G, IoT is promoted to the level of artificial intelligence, reflecting the value of IoT; at the same time, 5G helps AI and IoT combine to produce a landing effect. Such as applications in speech recognition, face recognition, gait recognition.

5G + AIoT has become a breakthrough in the transformation of the home appliance industry


The national economy is down, and the home appliance environment has also suffered a lot. The emergence of 5G + AIoT will become the dawn of the development of the home appliance industry. The combination and application of technologies such as Huiwu.com, 5G, and artificial intelligence make it possible to connect everything and expand greatly Data source. As more and more domestic enterprises join the self-research and collection of chips, technology has become the focus of future market competition.

For smart home products, smart phones are currently the most popular control terminals, while smart audio is the most natural control terminal. Smart speakers are an entrance and a master control platform, which expands the number and response space of smart devices. The arrival of 5G will reduce the embarrassment that a smart terminal can only control a few smart devices, and will also solve the problem of incompatibility between different brands.

5G + AIoT becomes the key for kitchen appliance enterprises to break through, bringing users a better scene experience

5G is characterized by high broadband, low latency, and high network coverage. For the entire IoT, it helps promote infrastructure. The 5G network speed is at least 10 times the peak rate of 4G. Faster transmission speeds will break smart home appliances. The "islandization" state provides users with a better smart home scene experience.

With the blessing of 5G, we can experience the convenient life brought by the smart kitchen, such as adjusting the air volume of the range hood by voice; the live cooking of the oven baking, allowing you to share while baking. In addition to the research and development of 5G network technology, kitchen appliances are also being deployed in AIoT. For example, the complete set of kitchen appliances that are now on the market nationwide include a range hood that can automatically purify the air, which can control the oil temperature. The gas stove of rice, the oven that can be baked with one click, and the sterilization cabinet that can intelligently track and sterilize 8 major kitchen appliances.


In short, the official commercialization of 5G communication technology is a start. It will become a catalyst for the fusion innovation of kitchen appliances enterprises. The AIoT valued by enterprises will start to expand rapidly with the catalysis of 5G. The key to industrial upgrades and corporate breakthroughs will bring kitchen appliances users a better smart home scene experience.

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