China will build the first "Space-Based Internet of Things"


China will build the first "Space-Based Internet of Things"


CCTV News: The space-based Internet consisting of satellites will enable us to access the network anytime and anywhere, but to achieve "Internet of Everything", we need another network - "Internet of Things", reporters from the Space Summit Forum It is understood that China will build the first "Space-Based Internet of Things" system, and two test verification stars will be launched by the end of this year.

China's first "Space-Based Internet of Things" was named "Cloud Project", which will play a "constellation system of 80 low-orbit communication small satellites" to play a "communication satellite" with global coverage, long communication distance, large communication capacity and low cost. "Effects, etc., to effectively connect various information nodes and sensors such as sensors on a global scale to form an Internet of Things information system covering the whole world.

The space-based Internet of Things (IoT) is a powerful complement to the ground-based Internet of Things in areas where ground signals cannot be covered. In addition to container ocean transportation, it can also be applied to marine island communications, oil and gas supervision, agricultural machinery data collection and transportation, and engineering machinery information transmission. A wide range of industry sectors.

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