Global IoT Industry Conference


Global IoT Industry Conference


On November 17, the 2nd Global Internet of Things Industry Conference was held in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Tsinghua University Research Institute's next-generation Internet R & D center participated in the conference as a supporting unit, and discussed with more than 1,000 experts and academicians from various countries and regions, government departments, universities, research institutions, investment institutions and the business community on how to build AIoT New industry ecology.

Shenzhen Tsinghua Research Institute brings FDN platform to participate in global IoT industry conference

The Internet of Things industry is a strategic emerging industry that is currently focusing on the development of countries around the world.It is also known as the third information industry revolution after computers, the Internet and mobile communications.The Internet of Things has become one of the core engines of Shenzhen's economic and digital economic growth. In 2018, Shenzhen Internet of Things ranked first in the country with an output value of 374.4 billion yuan. As an important global information technology industry development base and an electronic information product export base, Shenzhen will also vigorously promote the development of the Internet of Things industry.

With the development and application of the Internet of Things technology, there has been a blowout of data. Only AI can effectively handle complex data, thereby improving the user experience and product intelligence, and giving the Internet of Things the ability to achieve data analysis and processing. The brain "can truly realize the interconnection of all things and play the value of the Internet of Things. In addition, the large-scale massive data of the Internet of Things can provide a basis for AI's deep learning, and AI with deep learning capabilities can promote the development of the Internet of Things through accurate algorithms. Therefore, more and more industries and applications combine AI and IoT. AIoT has become the best choice for the intelligent upgrade of major traditional industries.

However, the current artificial intelligence computing power is mainly concentrated in the central cloud, and the device data needs to be processed in the central cloud before the results are returned to the terminal. This will easily cause network congestion during data transmission and bring huge network delays. On the other hand, with the dramatic increase in the amount of data, the pressure on cloud servers has also increased. In the future, more and more IoT data will face the limitations of network and computing power. A more effective way is needed to process and analyze massive IoT data to accelerate the development of AIoT.

Shenzhen Tsinghua University Research Institute's Next-Generation Internet R & D Center follows the national strategic direction and follows the trend of the times, focusing on the research of next-generation Internet technologies. The world's first edge computing function distribution network FDN (Function Delivery Network) fully realizes AIoT computing power and data analysis. Automatic scheduling of functions.

Dr. Xiao Wei, Director of the Artificial Intelligence Department of the R & D Center, said that the development of AIoT will bring richer application scenarios, and will also put forward higher requirements on the network and computing power. Edge computing technology can effectively meet the needs of new applications such as low latency and high bandwidth in the era of 5G and the Internet of Things. The FDN of the R & D center can effectively meet the needs of new applications such as low latency and high bandwidth, and provide underlying computing power and algorithm support for different application scenarios. By extending computing capabilities such as artificial intelligence and big data analysis to edge computing nodes, the response speed is reduced and network latency is reduced. At the same time, FDN supports API access, users can achieve precise scheduling of computing power and functions without development and operation and maintenance, more conveniently and flexibly meet the computing power requirements of AIoT and reduce research and development costs.

IoTThe development of AIoT is of great significance to the new round of digital transformation of the industry and is the strategic commanding height of today's economic development and technological innovation. Shenzhen Tsinghua University Research Institute's next-generation Internet R & D center will work with industry alliances to promote the development and application of edge computing in the IoT industry, improve China's key technology level of the IoT, help traditional industries to transform and upgrade, and build AIoT industry ecological innovation

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