How to capture the trillion-dollar IoT industry


How to capture the trillion-dollar IoT industry


What is the Internet of Things

In the environment where the mobile terminal and the device are connected, the Internet of Things was produced. In 1982, with the unexpected ideas of graduate students from foreign universities, remote tracking of drinks such as colas installed in vending machines could be performed in real time on their own computers through programs. Check the status of the vending machine, this is the origin of the Internet of Things.

The past of the Internet of Things

In 1998, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology put forward the concept of an open network. With the support of large global enterprises, it launched a plan. In 2003, it began to promote the application of EPC and the Internet of Things worldwide ...

It was not until 2004 that the Internet of Things spread completely. The definition of the Internet of Things appeared in these industries or technologies: sensors, positioning systems, information exchange and communication, product-to-device networking, tracking, monitoring, radio frequency A connection for intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring, and management such as identification.

IoT now

In a sense, the Internet of Things has come into our lives. Everyone has heard of the Internet of Vehicles. This is a spin-off of the Internet of Things. For example, BYD ’s automatic parking technology, holding the remote control board can make the car standard Parked in the parking space.

The main problems currently solved by the Internet of Things are: the interconnection of goods and objects, people and objects, people and people. This is a very interesting thing, which is mainly divided into two categories: the Internet of things manufacturing industry and the Internet of things service industry.

In fact, it has been well applied in medical industry, energy industry, smart city, agriculture, smart home and other industries. Until now, the IoT industry chain has four levels, namely perception layer, network layer, and platform. Layer and application layer, global giant companies have laid out one after another, such as Google, Huawei, Ali and so on.

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