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industrial rtul 4g m2m cellular router

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Ericsson has spent 10 or 20 years expanding into television and media in various ways. Earlier this year, Ericsson reiterated its new strategy of abandoning non-core business activities and focusing on its core customer group, telecommunications companies.

This means that not only should technology, software and support research and development be directed to the direction of telecommunications companies, but also the activities that may make them compete with telecommunications companies should be avoided as far as possible. Sales and support of private networks is a good example.

As a result, Ericsson has been working with Finnish mobile operator Elisa to test a dedicated 4G network that can be used as a proof of concept to enable Elisa to work with Ericsson to sell similar solutions to its customers.

The operator said it saw growing demand for the inherent security capacity and high availability of customized private networks.

Ericsson said the special network was designed to help service providers provide scalable, mission-critical broadband solutions for industrial and public security agencies.

Ericsson said the solution would "enable Elisa's corporate customers to control users, devices and traffic on local private networks, providing greater security and capacity for high demand".

The pilot test was conducted in Elisa facilities in the first half of 2019 using pre-packaged Ericsson Private Network Solutions, including Ericsson Enterprise Core, Router 6000 and AdioDot systems for indoor coverage.

China industrial 4g cellular router

Ericsson's Dot system is a 4G small cell device with an "evolutionary path" to 5G and CBRS, and supports MIMO. Ericsson claims that it is easy to install cables over the LAN. The company says the solution is a big step ahead of the traditional "distributed antenna system" (DAS).

However, cellular technology will also face fierce competition from private network systems based on Wi-Fi 6. Private network systems based on Wi-Fi 6 will inevitably emerge with sports security, advanced management systems, all other symbols and indicators to measure leading private network technologies.

Eetu Prieur, head of Elisa Mobile Solutions, said: "Private networks are expected to spread across different industries. Pioneer has discovered the benefits of private networks: capacity, reliability and security.

The STRIDE MQTT gateway provides simple hardware settings to add Modbus RTU/TCP devices to existing MQTT cloud data collection platforms. MQTT gateway interfaces have up to 32 Modbus devices; wired and Wi-Fi gateway models are available.

The STRIDE MQTT gateway is only a hardware component of a data log solution based on the MQTT cloud. Users must have existing cloud computing service accounts from cloud service providers.

Starting at $215.00, the step MQTT gateway from Automation Direct is CE tagged, FCC tested, and has a one-year warranty.

industrial m2m router Factory

As a member of CBRS Alliance, Telit brings a key perspective of cellular communication module and data card. Cell technology integration is complex and highly regulated. LTE and 5G devices supporting CBRS require multiple levels of high-cost certification to comply with the regulations of the government, industry and mobile operators, while it is difficult to obtain intellectual property licences. Unlike unauthorized wireless LAN technologies such as Wi-Fi, cellular technology is only suitable for chip design when annual sales reach millions.

In February 2018, Telit released LM960, the first Gigabit mPCIe adapter card in the world to support LTE Advanced Pro level 18, based on high-pass Snapdragon X20 LTE modem. With a download speed of up to 1.2 Gbps and global coverage, LM960 is also the first mobile broadband adapter card in the world to support CBRS - band 48 and FCC Part 96 compatibility. This is ideal for OEM vendors who want to serve the emerging private LTE market by connecting routers, gateways and other devices to LTE access points, small cells and other CBRS infrastructure.

"Beginning with LM960, Telit, a member of our CBRS Alliance, is the best positioned private LTE market as a leading promoter. According to industry analysts, private mobile networks in healthcare, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, smart cities and other vertical sectors will be worth $16.3 billion by 2025. "This leadership will continue to extend to 5G, and we plan to include full support for CBRS services in the upcoming mobile broadband devices based on Qualcomm and RF front-end solutions."

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