IoT support Wisdom agricultural solutions accelerate landing


IoT support Wisdom agricultural solutions accelerate landing

"Internet of Things, big data, especially 5G provides an opportunity for the development of smart agriculture, but at present the difficulty of applying intelligent agriculture is not too small." Deng Cailiang said: "First of all, farmers are generally lacking in scientific farming awareness; the second is technical issues. Including agricultural planting technology, breeding technology, sensing technology, communication technology, model algorithm technology, etc., many technologies need to be overcome; the third is the realization of the decision model algorithm, data collection, how to carry out calculation analysis and give decisions? Is it reliable to obtain decision-making planting models through data analysis?"


In order to get rid of the predicament and help the intelligent agricultural application scenario, and with the network channel capability of China Mobile, we have created the big data of “Intelligent Equipment + Big Data Computing Service Platform + Specialized Backstage and APP Control + Precision Service and Intervention”. Precision agriculture solutions. The program can realize 24 hours of unmanned monitoring of key factors in the agro-ecology, realize intelligent sensing and precise management of all aspects of agricultural production, provide farmers with decision support for planting, risk warning, and quality control of agricultural products.

Shenzhen Pengcheng Farmer Bright Vineyard is a demonstration area for the implementation of the Thai wisdom agriculture. Nowadays, the fruit farmers have changed from the original daily to the orchard tour park and turned into a park through mobile phones. Like science and technology workers, they test agricultural data and work accurately. According to reports, under the program, fruit farmers can understand crop growth changes in real time and scientifically farm in three steps.

In the first step, a variety of intelligent devices monitor the climate, soil and moisture in the orchard in real time. The second step is to upload to the C-Life AI Agricultural University Data Service Platform through the China Mobile NB Network. In the third step, the AI Agricultural University Data Platform visualizes the data and presents the analyzed data to the fruit farmers through the mobile APP or background. The fruit farmers can know the growth of the crop without leaving the house.

Not surprisingly, with the growing maturity of the Internet of Things, big data, and especially 5G technology, more and more smart agricultural application scenarios will be launched to help science and technology grow.

Upgrade of the whole industry chain Modern technology helps the development of smart agriculture

Smart agriculture is a systematic project. Through the wisdom of agriculture, it can improve the fine, efficient and sustainable development of agricultural production. The most important applications include high-value crop cultivation, pest monitoring, agricultural farming and accurate traceability of agricultural products. Promote the landing of smart agriculture, realize the information perception, precise management and intelligent control of the agricultural production process, and build a smart agricultural ecological circle. It is necessary to exert various efforts to upgrade the entire industrial chain of agriculture.

Deng Cailiang believes that the development of smart agriculture needs to rely on the standardized planting model. By monitoring and intervening the key factors in the crop ecology, the numerical values of the key factors associated with crop growth are controlled within a reasonable range. When the data is abnormal, it can be adjusted and adjusted through precise agricultural operations, so as to achieve closed-loop and orderly control of agricultural standardization planting, and finally realize the agro-ecological data, network, intelligence and optimization of the agricultural ecosystem.

As an operator with cloud-tube-edge-end full-scale IoT capabilities, China Mobile has promoted the development of smart agriculture in three aspects. First, to give play to the advantages of operators' network pipelines, to provide network security for smart agriculture; second, to build standardized products and solutions, and jointly and other companies such as Hetai have formulated "NB-IoT Agricultural Data Collection Standards" to provide NB-IoT-based networks and OneNET platforms. The standardization of agricultural IoT equipment reduces the cost of smart agricultural construction. The third is to build a resource and demand docking platform. Smart agricultural enterprises can upload excellent solutions and intelligent terminal uploading platforms. Users can quickly find smart agricultural solutions through the official website of China Mobile Internet of Things Alliance, reduce time cost and efficiently complete agricultural information construction.

Cultivating new farmers, promoting new technologies, and promoting rural entrepreneurship innovation are important measures to promote rural revitalization. As the best carrier of science and technology + modern agriculture, wisdom agriculture is becoming the general trend of global agricultural development and an important way to promote rural revitalization. The China Agricultural Industry Development Report 2019 published by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences shows that greening, standardization, and intelligence have become China's agricultural development trends, new retail, agricultural industrialization complex, precision agriculture and other new developments, providing services for Chinese agricultural production. New kinetic energy. The development of new technologies such as 5G, big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing, etc. will empower the precision poverty alleviation and rural revitalization strategies, and insert “technical wings” for the high-quality development of agriculture.

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