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Huawei originally planned to launch foldable Mate X in 2019 as its first 5G mobile phone, but due to the last minute delay, the $2,600 device had to be delayed until September. Now, the troubled Chinese company has confirmed that its more traditional smartphone, Mate 20x 5G, will be its first 5G phone, which will be officially launched in several countries in July.

On the surface, Mate 20x 5G is almost identical to Huawei's Mate 20x. It uses the same 7.2-inch AMOLED screen with 24 million pixels in front camera and 3 in back camera, ranging from 80,000 to 40 million pixels. Huawei's 5G version uses unique jade or emerald green, with a striking 5G brand printed on the back to distinguish the two models in appearance.

Internally, although they use a 7-nanometer Kirin 980 processor developed by Huawei, the 5G version replaces other components in the name of faster network performance and larger storage capacity. Mate 20X 5G Ballon 5000 modem is equipped with 8GB RAM, 256GB storage space and 4200 MAH battery, while Mate 20X only has 4G modem, 6GB RAM, 128GB storage space and 5000 MAH battery.

As far as the original 5G performance is concerned, Mate 20X 5G should be a solid performance in the early Asian and European mid-band 5G networks. Huawei points out that it supports the earliest 5G non-independent (NSA) standards and the latest 5G independent (SA) standards, as well as previous 2G, 3G and 4G standards. It also supports dual SIM cards with 4G and 5G cards.

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Take the legacy safety panel as an example. Connect it to a new BAT-Connect communicator in Alula. In this way, you have a very complete interactive alarm and home automation system, which contains all the connections and back-end services you want from Alula's own panel and Connect + SHaaS (Smart Home as a Service).

Alula touted the new BAT-Connect as the perfect takeover product for existing installations, where alarm panels lack Z-Wave home automation, interactive services, IP connections and/or cellular communications.

With the decline of CDMA/3G cellular communications (February 2022 at the latest), such acquisitions are becoming more and more popular. Millions of existing alarm users use these cellular networks as the only way to report their alarms, and in a few years they will find themselves unable to use these services. These accounts will be lost to the original securities dealer.

Alula's BAT-Connect has a 4G/LTE modem (CAT-M1 for seamless 5G migration), IP communication (hard wire and Wi-Fi) and an optional Z-Wave card.

Alula not only uses Wi-Fi for cloud communications, but also creates a local network for IP connection devices like Alula's 7-inch touchpad.

T-Mobile US Inc.'s next generation 5G wireless service offers an unprecedented perspective, showing that new technologies are not deployed in one city to another, but in one street.

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T-Mobile plans to launch 5G services in parts of six cities on June 28. The company has provided detailed coverage maps to show where customers can receive 5G signals. New York City, for example, is one of the six largest markets, with broader coverage than the other five urban areas with access to services. But even there, insurance coverage is limited to certain specific areas. For example, although both Lower East and Financial District of Manhattan have 5G network coverage, 5G signals are cut off at Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Bridge or Brooklyn Bridge. Nor does it extend northward to most parts of Central Park, Harlem or Morningside Heights.

T-Mobile's initial 5G service relied on high-frequency millimeter-wave spectrum. The broadband of the spectrum enables operators to carry more traffic at higher speeds, although the high frequency of the spectrum means that it cannot travel long distances and is difficult to penetrate various surfaces.

When 5G is fully implemented, it will download many times faster than the current 4G LTE network, and provide greater connectivity opportunities, thus opening a new era of the Internet of Things. In the Internet of Things era, billions of devices in homes and factories will be connected at any time.

T-Mobile says it is using multi-band technology to integrate existing 4G LTE services with new 5G services. John Legere, chief executive of T-Mobile, said in a statement on June 25 that this allowed customers to supplement their 4G LTE services by "upgrading 5G in several cities".

Operators in other European countries, including Switzerland's Sunrise and Monaco Telecom, have previously announced that they will offer Mate 20X 5G to customers, but the device still seems to be booked in several regions. It is noteworthy that Vodafone, the British operator, said in May that it planned to launch the phone "very soon", but it quietly excluded it at last week's 5G conference. There are still doubts about Huawei's 5G security and ability to upgrade Android software.

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