The advantages of industrial routers


Nowadays, with the development of the network, industrial routers have also developed into full Netcom. So, do you know the advantages of all-net industrial-grade routers? Let's explain show Homtecs industrial grade router to everyone.

m2m router

1, compatible with multiple networks, seamless network switching, strong WIFI coverage

All Netcom industrial routers support seven network standards; all networks can seamlessly switch to compatible SIM cards of operators; mobile phones and flat-panel wireless access can realize WEB configuration; WIFI hotspot coverage meets various WIFI communication needs, network environment Search, automatically enable strong signal networks;

2, industrial quality, stable operation in harsh environment

Industrial grade metal casing, high EMC electromagnetic compatibility, high and low temperature resistance (-35 ° C to 75 ° C), wide pressure (5V-35V); strong anti-moisture, lightning protection, anti-electromagnetic interference capability, to ensure the stability of equipment in harsh environments run;

3, signal enhancement patent technology and multi-level protection mechanism, data is not lost

Adopt software, hardware, CPU three-level watchdog detection mechanism; proprietary impedance matching circuit design, high-gain high-quality antenna is stronger and more sensitive signal search capability; adopt PPP layer heartbeat, ICMP detection, TCP heartbeat link detection mechanism, Network failure is automatically restored, and the reconnection of the line is ensured that the industrial router is online for a long time;

4, equipment remote management, cost savings

Equipment fault alarm, improve equipment online rate in remote areas; support SIM card management without fixed IP, meet large-scale management requirements; support remote diagnosis, maintenance, fault self-recovery, TCP/IP configuration upgrade to ensure smooth transmission, reduce operation and maintenance costs and improve efficiency .

The above is the four major advantages of the entire Netcom industrial router, I hope to help everyone.

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