Vending machine with Rugged 4G Router


Vending machine with Rugged 4G Router

industrial 4g router

Program requirements

With the continuous development of modern technology, the application of digital display technology will be everywhere. With the network (3G/4G wireless network), multimedia technology integration, media processing, timely interaction with customer feedback, has been widely used in finance, telecommunications, hospitals, stores, supermarkets, hotels, public places In other fields, it has the characteristics of more scattered points, and integrates the requirements of remote batch operation in centralized management and maintenance. The application of Xinyangbang sim card wireless router on self-service terminal solves this problem well.

Technical deployment

Homtecs Rugged 4G router and operation management service center platform are composed of three parts. The digital signage terminal comprises a controller, a play terminal and a display terminal, and is used for a machine terminal in which the customer can directly operate the service.

Transfer data over a wireless 4G network. Compared with other transmission terminal equipment, Homtecs industrial grade router has higher security, reliability and stability. Can adapt to the field application environment; use LCP, ICMP, traffic and other link detection methods to ensure real-time online, and has 7x24 hours of work, PIN code protection, password encryption, parameter hiding, mobile reset and other advantages.

rugged 4g router

Program advantage

★ 4G network's enough bandwidth can fully meet the release of various media advertising information

★ All IP networking, no manual maintenance, no need to manually run the site for advertising, greatly reducing maintenance costs

★ Flexible networking and scalability

★ Easy to use and flexible

★ Security control management to ensure data security

★ Accurate and accurate advertising for different target areas and people

★ Solved the problem of remote monitoring and maintenance of equipment

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