Accelerate the construction of power internet of things


Accelerate the construction of power internet of things

At present, Fujian's power generation installed 58.55 million kilowatts, of which clean energy installed accounted for 56%. With the continuous advancement of units such as Unit 1 of Yanzhou Nuclear Power, the proportion of clean energy in Fujian will further increase. Tang Guangfu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of the Global Energy Internet Research Institute, said on the 24th that Fujian has the first condition to promote the construction of a ubiquitous power Internet of Things.

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On the same day, the 2019 Academic Annual Meeting of the Fujian Electrical Engineering Society was held in Fuzhou. More than 100 experts gathered in Fuzhou to provide advice and suggestions for the integration of the development of the power Internet and smart city.

In recent years, Fujian has made full use of the advantages of natural resources to accelerate the development of a variety of clean energy sources such as nuclear, gas, wind and light. The province has no energy, no gas and less coal, and has become a province of clean energy.

Tang Guangfu said that the use of energy Internet technology to achieve coordinated and efficient consumption of multiple energy sources is an important means to support the transformation of energy structure. In order to support the construction of “hub-type, platform-type, and shared-type” energy Internet, it is necessary to continuously increase the development of key technologies in the field of smart grids and ubiquitous power Internet of Things, and accelerate the deep integration of power grids with the Internet, Internet of Things, and mobile terminals.

Tang Guangfu said that the ubiquitous power Internet of Things makes the smart grid smarter to accommodate a higher proportion of renewable energy and adapt to the requirements of energy transformation.

Xia Qing, a professor of electrical engineering at Tsinghua University, believes that the ubiquitous power Internet of Things will lead to a new model for safe operation and risk prevention of power grids, improve the accuracy and breadth of optimal allocation of energy resources, open up the Internet ecosystem of energy systems, and create grid services for smart cities. New business.

In terms of serving smart cities, Xia Qing introduced that through the power generation and consumption information perception and integration, the government can support the government to carry out environmental protection, taxation, monopoly industry supervision, and break information asymmetry; through time-sharing, sub-regional, and sub-industry electricity consumption data. Excavate the relationship between industry and transmission, and analyze the economic trends of pre-judgment.

The relevant person in charge of the State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. pointed out that it is planned to basically build a ubiquitous power Internet of Things in 2021. Up to now, State Grid Fujian Power Co., Ltd. has signed cooperation agreements with various parts of Fujian to jointly build an energy ecosystem.

According to statistics, in 2019, Fujian Power focused on improving the infrastructure upgrade, improving the ubiquitous material connectivity, and promoting new business development, and coordinated the construction of 59 ubiquitous power Internet of Things projects.

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