IoT industry analysis


IoT industry analysis


1 Communication module is a key component of the Internet of Things.In 2018, the industry scale reached 772.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.6%. The Chinese market accounted for 10% of the world's total and an annual growth of 65%. A market of over ten trillion levels and rapid growth at the same time can be described as a huge investment value.

2 The logic of the industry is similar to that of early mobile phones. The core value is to meet the customization needs of downstream industries. It must be large-scale and gain a larger market share. Only then can it negotiate with chip manufacturers, obtain lower costs, and establish Competitiveness.

3 The industry has a moat, but it is not deep. It is mainly reflected in technical development capabilities, market sales capabilities, and customer entry thresholds.

4 There are mainly 5 market segments, vehicle market, mobile POS payment market, smart meter reading, smart grid, and industrial Internet of Things. The demand for each market segment is in the order of tens of millions, and companies with leading advantages in these markets Have a competitive advantage

5 The competitive landscape, with relatively moderate foreign competition, high gross profit margins, fierce domestic competition, and low gross profit margins, but domestic companies are rapidly rising and surpassing foreign companies in scale.

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