Full monitoring, IIoT improves manufacturing productivity


Full monitoring, IIoT improves manufacturing productivity

full monitoring

Networked devices have become more and more common in major industries. For example, constant temperature controllers, kitchen appliances, lighting, and sound have begun to connect to the network. Following the industrial revolution in the middle of the 18th century, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) set off a new wave of change.

IndustryGlobalNews24 reports that research in March 2017 showed that more than 67% of manufacturers have introduced smart technology. Internet of Things (IoT) tools connect previously separate units. Most importantly, the data collected by each connected device can be used for predictive analysis, which helps factories detect possible failures in advance and perform preventive maintenance.

In addition, Machine Learning can track plant equipment and collect data to provide analytical recommendations for the overall end-to-end process. From manufacturer, supplier, logistics to freight system, complete tracking of product life cycle . By reducing downtime through automated supply chain and predictive analytics, IoT can help boost productivity and quality control.

Asset management and monitoring like this is important not only in factories, but also in freight. In order to achieve the best cost-effectiveness, the vehicle status and the most energy-efficient route data should be updated in real time. Through sensors, automated monitoring from production to delivery to suppliers should be implemented consistently.

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