Gateways and Router in smart light pole


Gateways and Router in smart light pole


Smart cities require the full use of information and communication technology to sense, analyze, and integrate key information about the core system of urban operations, so as to respond intelligently to various needs including people's livelihood, urban services, and industrial and commercial activities. The construction of urban lighting facilities, one of the key construction projects of smart cities, is very important. As the infrastructure, street light poles are the support of lighting projects.

With the development of the Internet of Things technology, relying on the extensive coverage of street light poles, equipped with smart light pole gateways and routers can implement urban environment monitoring, LED information release systems, charging piles, video monitoring and other functions. As one of the most widely covered infrastructures in the city, street lights have also ushered in an all-round upgrade under the tide of the development of the Internet of Things.

Nowadays, the layout of smart cities around the world can be described as enabling science and technology, and the competition is overwhelming. In March of this year, the first batch of smart street light projects in Guangzhou were put into production. These street lights are simple and elegant, and can integrate many new functions, which can be described as "one light and multiple uses".

With the issuance of 5G commercial licenses, the country announced the first batch of 5G pilot cities. In the future, more and more smart street lights will appear as important carriers for 5G networks. For the first batch of 18 5G network pilot cities in the country, the demand for 5G micro base stations will increase sharply in the future. With the remote transmission and control functions of Homtecs M2M Gateway and Router, it can not only meet the needs of power supply, communication, carriers, etc., but also data. Process, respond in time, and truly realize the intelligent urbanization of data.

In the future, more and more IoT devices will be connected to the network. This requires timely processing of data. Traditional cloud computing will inevitably have some disadvantages in front of massive data. At this time, smart streetlight gateways based on streetlight poles will also To play a greater role, data can be processed at the edge, reducing transmission bandwidth and speeding up the response rate.

Homtecs M2M Gateway and Router has the characteristics of fast speed, powerful functions, single light control, and edge computing. Effectively manage urban smart street light poles, assist in the construction of smart cities, effectively integrate all types of equipment to complete intelligent control, and help build smart cities.

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