Intelligent Internet of Things boosts highway ETC


China's expressway provincial toll stations must be cancelled within two years. This means that from 2019 to 2020, the highway toll gates that once looked at the great mountains and rivers of the motherland on the borders of various provinces will be brushed out of the historical arena.


When the times turn over, of course, the disappearance will not persist.

This is a huge project. An office worker from the provincial transportation department revealed in the interview of Dear Data that as early as mid-June, he received the "Abolition of the Provincial Highway Toll Station Project Construction Plan", and the previous level leader requested "before the end of 2019." Basically cancel the provincial toll station." At present, the work in our province has been completed. The next step is to analyze and manage the traffic-related data in the province.

The cost of the renovation is very expensive. According to the public information of the bidding, the investment amount of the projects in the provinces ranges from several hundred million yuan to several billion yuan. Ningxia is 969 million yuan, and Hunan is 2.735 billion yuan. What is the significance of this huge amount?

Behind the disappearance of highway toll stations, the intelligent Internet of Things opens the "Warring States era"

"The purpose is very simple, the people are convenient to travel." The office staff of the Communications Department introduced: "(The system) will automatically divide the money and split it into the provinces along the road. (Now) which way the car goes, after passing, it is clear. The problem of split charging was completely solved."

Technology makes life more efficient. New technologies such as automation, digitalization, Internet of Things, intellectual networking, smart transportation, smart city, etc. are emerging one after another, and are getting closer to people's livelihood. People don't need to know what new technology is, what principles, and enjoy it.

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