LiFi complements PLC-IoT


LiFi complements PLC-IoT


Why is LiFi inherently suitable for PLC-IoT? We have summarized three major reasons before, transmission distance, anti-interference, and supporting construction issues. Combined with PLC-IoT technology, it can solve the current defects of LiFi. For example, the problem of data transmission, PLC-IoT technology, let the electric wire change into the network wire, can transmit the network data. In this way, LiFi's transmitter does not need to be wired separately, and the data can be received directly by the wire and transmitted, saving networking costs.

The transmission distance problem can also be solved. The wire is a loop at home. With LiFi, as long as there is electricity, there can be a network. At present, LiFi + PLC-IoT has already been applied in large-scale industries. For example, in the power industry, power tunnel inspection is a dangerous and complicated task. Because the tunnel length is long and relatively closed, the general network signal cannot be transmitted, let alone the inspection personnel send back the inspection data in real time, and the personnel may lose contact.

AL t4519027419857920 Visible light and power carrier support IoT, LiFi and PLC-IoT complement each other without dead ends

After adopting the solution of LiFi + PLC-IoT, the problem can be solved perfectly. Because the most indispensable in the power tunnel is the electric wire, let the electric wire transmit the data, let the ceiling light of the tunnel serve as the launching end, form a complete set of solution. Wherever the inspectors go, they can send back data in real time, and they can also talk in real time with the people behind them. The downlink rate is currently up to about 20Mbps.

Similarly, the LiFi + PLC-IoT solution can also be used in mining, transportation, firefighting, and other industries, combining two swords to solve industry problems.

According to authoritative statistics from foreign institutions, the global visible light communication (LiFi) market is expected to reach US $ 101.3 billion in 2024. Liu Jianming, director of the "Smart Grid Technology and Equipment" Special Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, also said: "PLC communication technology is applicable to many industries, and there will be more application scenarios and wider applications in the future. The application of technology in all walks of life, I believe that the PLC-IoT ecosystem will definitely be established. "

Especially in the Internet of Things, LED bulbs that have a long life and lower power consumption are more popular with LiFi systems. Many traditional lighting companies have also invested in the development of LED bulbs that support LiFi. Combined with the upstream and downstream enterprises of PLC-IoT technology, a complete set of LiFi + PLC-IoT Internet of Things no dead ends ecology is being established.

The combination of the two swords of LiFi + PLC-IoT makes LiFi less precious and becomes a rare treasure. Especially in industry applications, it will shine and lead the family scene. At this stage, the main development of LiFi + PLC-IoT should be the establishment of ecological alliances, upstream and downstream network manufacturers, and the creation of a complete industrial chain.

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