NB-IoT industry investment opportunity analysis


NB-IoT industry investment opportunity analysis


1) 5G is the era of the Internet of Everything. The technical standards of uRLLC and mMTC, which have the most IoT characteristics, have not yet been finalized. However, along with the consensus of 3GPP different application scenarios corresponding to different technical standards, NB-IoT will have a place in the 5G era.

2) For different wireless access technologies, God is fair, and will not lock the door while closing the window. There are enough application scenarios, different business models, and there is no one technology package to dominate the world. The technical indicators are also balanced by compromise. NB-IoT sacrifices transmission rate and mobility, and pursues low cost and low power consumption. The most suitable application scenarios are remote meter reading, public facility monitoring, and intelligent parking.

3) The application scenarios corresponding to different wireless access technologies may overlap but complement each other, but they are not necessarily opposed or competitive. If the limitations of application scenarios are ignored, all wireless communication technologies will fall into disorderly competition. Through application scenarios, boundaries can be divided to promote the orderly development of technologies, hybrid networking, and differentiated and complementary partnerships.

4) NB-IoT and LoRa are two technologies that are often placed on opposite sides. The application scenarios of the two overlap, both of which are for low-power and wide-coverage application scenarios such as metering, agriculture, and asset management. The biggest difference between the two is not only the technology, but also the business model. The difference between authorized and unlicensed frequency bands determines the completely different business models of the two. NB-IoT operates in authorized frequency bands and follows the unified operator operating mode; LoRa operates in unlicensed frequency bands and adopts a self-organized private network mode.

5) The field of wireless low power consumption is not a lucrative gold mine. Although the number of terminal nodes is expected to be large, the ARPU value is extremely low, which is a low-value-added application scenario and it is difficult to arouse operator interest. Therefore, how to operate the business model has become the key to the development of the industry. This is the case in the 4G era, and there will not be much change in the 5G era.

6) Business models, networks, and prices are the three big mountains facing the development of the NB-IoT industry. The entire industry chain is not making money. It has become a dilemma. How to activate the business model, improve the cost-effectiveness of the network construction, and improve The profit space of each link is the long-term plan for industrial development.

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