Garbage sorting smart cabinet shaped like a courier cabinet


Garbage sorting smart cabinet shaped like a courier cabinet

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Chutian Metropolis Daily October 24 (Reporter Xiang Qingshun) In Wuhan Junyun Village, in addition to the conventional classified garbage bins, there are also six garbage sorting smart cabinets. This "black technology" is very popular. Foreign athletes are welcome.

On the morning of October 24, the reporter of Chutian Metropolis Daily saw in the courtyard of the village committee of Junyun Village that a group of garbage classification intelligent cabinets were placed on the inside of the gate. If you did not look carefully, it was thought to be a courier cabinet. The cabinet is divided into four categories: kitchen waste, hazardous garbage, recyclables and other garbage. The top is the cabinet door, and the bottom is the garbage bin, which is divided into four colors: green, gray, blue and red. At the same time, the four types of garbage are marked clearly outside the different bins at a glance. There is a white button next to each garbage door, the start button, and the door opens automatically.

The relevant person in charge of the Wuhan Junyun Village Coordination Management Group introduced that a total of six garbage sorting smart cabinets were put in the military transport village, which were provided by the “Aijia IOT”, and three buildings in the military transport home, each in front of the building. One, in addition, put three in public places in the military transport village, "is the most intelligent and most advanced waste sorting intelligent system in China." It is understood that this smart garbage sorting box is designed to seal and prevent odor. It is divided into four entrances: kitchen waste, hazardous waste, recyclables and other garbage. It is equipped with a smart LCD screen. The button can be opened directly by pressing the button or by clicking the “Smart Delivery” button on the screen to scan the QR code.

According to reports, this is the latest garbage sorting smart cabinet developed this year. Each user sends an IC card, and then the resident puts the garbage brush IC card, the cabinet door opens automatically, and the mobile phone can also scan the QR code. “Every resident has an account and takes personal account points. Any resident who sorts according to the garbage will score points. Through the mobile phone, residents can directly check the points, and can directly redeem the goods with points. The goods can be delivered to the door to promote garbage classification. Revolution.” Wang Jun, a sanitation and sanitation worker in the military transport village, said that this kind of garbage sorting smart cabinet is very popular among foreign athletes. Foreign athletes in each building automatically put garbage in the garbage bin, while the traditional two garbage bins can be divided into two. Recycling and non-recyclable, but empty every day. Venezuela’s team leader LUIS MARVAL said that the cabinet is amazing, has no smell and is easy to use. “I want to promote it after returning home.”

The on-site staff of “Aijia Wulian” company introduced that the garbage sorting intelligent cabinet also has a search function. This smart garbage sorting box has the Internet of Things function, and has a “category home” online APP, click “near classification point” ", you can find the nearest trash can. The staff also drilled that the smart garbage sorting box can also perform face recognition, automatic weighing, temperature monitoring, heat dissipation, overflow alarm, GPS positioning, real-time monitoring, etc., as if a small intelligent robot.

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