Opportunities for the NB-IoT industry


Opportunities for the NB-IoT industry


Recently, the 5G NB-IoT "100 Million" Journey Industry Summit under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was held online. Against the backdrop of new infrastructure, the NB-IoT (narrowband Internet of Things) industry has reached the "wind".

NB-IoT, also known as narrow-band IoT technology, has the characteristics of supporting massive connections, wide coverage, low power consumption, low cost, etc. It is a breakthrough technology to realize the interconnection of all things. As the country's first batch of NB-IoT pilot cities, Fuzhou launched China's first 300,000-scale NB-IoT water meter commercial bureau and built the first narrow-band IoT open laboratory.

"In the past, the user's water consumption was collected based on the scale, and the NB-IoT smart water meter can achieve electronic measurement, convert the scale into electronic degrees, and use the electronic chip installed in the box to realize the user's water consumption to the water management intelligent management platform. Real-time transmission. "Zhang Tianchen, deputy director of the Fuzhou Internet of Things Open Laboratory Standards Research Center, told Sci-Tech Daily reporter.

According to Zhang Tianchen, it turned out that GPRS was used as a communication method for water meters to send data. A base station can only load hundreds of water meters at the same time. After adopting the narrow-band IoT technology, a base station can concurrently send 50,000 water meter data at the same time, and the data is not processed again, avoiding the potential risk of misreading. At the same time, the "small meal" (low power consumption) of NB-IoT smart water meters is only one tenth of traditional GPRS water meters.

The relevant person in charge of Fuzhou Water Supply Co., Ltd. said that the promotion of NB-IoT technology has transformed the originally complicated manual meter reading into wireless automatic meter reading. It can also use the online data of remote water meters to analyze water consumption and analyze the leakage of the pipeline network. Real-time feedback is made to gradually realize "smart water", and the technology has been promoted and applied in many provinces and cities in China.

The ability of NB-IoT is not limited to checking water meters. At present, there are about 20,000 NB-IoT street lights in Fuzhou. Shared bicycles based on NB-IoT technology, manhole cover detection, underground well level monitoring, NB-IoT POS machines, etc. have begun Lots of applications. NB-IoT technology has become an important technical support for the construction of Fuzhou Smart City.

"With the development of NB-IoT technology, the Internet of Things continues to penetrate and integrate into traditional industries and bring some emerging applications." According to Zhang Tianchen, such as NB-IoT-based smart monitoring bracelet can monitor the human body Status, movement trajectory, etc., effectively monitor the isolation of people during the epidemic, greatly reducing the difficulty and cost of management ... Therefore, the development of the narrow-band Internet of Things can promote the industrial upgrading of traditional industries, improve urban management, and effectively save social resources.

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